Ayur-yoga is a form of Yoga that allows for freedom of movement for every body., encourages mindfulness and integration of mind body sensations while incorporating Ayurvedic Philosophy, Ayur-yoga is one of the best approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being. Available to any level of experience, we combine ancient tradition with innovation.  Come, breathe, and move, you’ll notice immediate benefits.


        Classes start 4th Sunday in of the month, June 26, July 24 and August 28 9:30-10:30 am.

        The focus at North Shore Natural Living is on finding balance within and living in harmony with your environment, in nature. What better way to find this balance than growing one's own food.  There will be more positive energy (Prana) infused in food grown under your efforts than store bought.  

        Come to our hands on training where we will be learning how to choose optimal garden spaces, soil preparation for maximum harvest,  organic fertilizers and more.   Take home gifts for all attendees.

There are a variety of organic cooking, gardening and Yoga Plus classes being offered.  We also offer private 1:1 lessons.

Beginner Organic Gardening