Testimonials from Yoga Students

Thoughts on Yoga

     My name is Joel Markus and I have been a student of Yoga for three years. I started yoga when I turned 60 and now hopefully a student for the rest of my life. It has made a significant difference in my well being both mentally and physically. The style of Yoga resembles Kripalu style of Yoga. It primarily focuses on breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, and a mental awareness of what’s going on around and within you.
      Currently I’ve been going through some personal life crises and changes, I found that Yoga has helped me cope with these very emotional situations as a significant method for relieving stress. I have also noticed that my physical core is much stronger then it has ever been in many years. I have lost weight and my muscles have become much more toned.
     Yoga Instructors can tremendously impact your adaptability and appreciation of this art form. I have worked with several instructors but Monica Ingham’s personal style is a perfect fit for me. Her awareness of all her student’s physical or mental current situations plays a significant role on how she decides to conducts the class. Her teaching style is not a routine process in the least bit, but more of a personal method, directed towards what is currently going on in our lives. Monica is an amazing teacher and for me it has been a pleasure and gift in numerous ways from watching her constantly trying to improve her instructing style to satisfying my own physical and mental well being.
Joel Markus

About Us

Founder of North Shore Natural Living:  Monica Lee-Ingham RN BSN AHC RYT. 

-23 years experience in nursing.

-Graduate Kripalu School of Ayurveda 2015 as a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. 

-Yoga instructor specializing in Ayurvedic-Yoga, movement for every Dosha (body type). 

-Certification in progress for Integrative Positional therapy. 

North Shore Natural Living provides the unique experience of Wellness counseling though education on diet and lifestyle. We guide individuals through movement, meditation, and food choices appropriate for the season and  the individual's time of life, body type, and metabolism.